Hello and welcome to Sober From Despair (SFD). SFD is a new and dynamic website dedicated to the very real and possible world of recovery from addiction, or drug abuse. Our sole purpose is finding new ways to help anyone affected by addiction or drug abuse.

- Are you interested in recovery?

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Sober From Despair is committed to helping you find answers to these and other questions you may have. Whether you are an addict thinking about getting help, in recovery, or even someone seeking help for an afflicted loved one, SFD is here to offer support through our daily-growing online community. Check out our forums to connect with people just like you and to post any questions you may have, or just to talk. Browse our members’ blogs to see what they are going through in regards to their own recovery. Content on the site is updated weekly, so please stay tuned. We have huge goals to help recovery from all forms of addiction.